Training Services

If a case manager is helping you with your job search, you may be eligible for training. Three types of training are available:

  • Essential skills training
  • Skills training
  • Short-Term Orientation and Certificate training

If you have a disability, we can provide flexible training to suit your needs.

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Essential Skills Training

Essential skills training is designed to give you basic employment readiness. Choose from:

  • stand-alone courses
  • courses combined with other forms of training, such as literacy or numeracy

Course length may vary from a few days to several weeks or months.

Skills Training

Skills training gives you a solid skills-base for the world of work, including:

  • occupational skills training
  • academic upgrading
  • language skills training

It differs from Essential Skills Training in that it goes beyond the basics. The course length depends on your current skill level, and what job search goals you have put in your action plan.

Short-Term Orientation and Certificate Training

See our Workshops page for more information about Short-Term Orientation and Certificate (STOC) Training.